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1.  15-Nov-2013 Free checkup      camp of diabetes at carewell.
2.  Hypertension Screening On      28-Nov-2013.
3.  Day Care Surgery Free camp      07-Dec-2013.
4.  Meeting of Trans Yamuna      Doctors Association Due On      14-Dec-2013.
5.  Infertility camp On 21-Dec-2013.
6.  Cosmetic Surgery Camp On 28-Dec-2013.
7.  Laparoscopic Hysterectomy      Camp On 4-Jan-2012.
8.  Thyroid Camp On 11-Jan-2012.

About Us

Carewell Hospital is redefining the healthcare delivery system in Agra. Its motto 'Caring about you and your family', is the guiding principal for the hospital.

Located in Trans Yamuna Colony, Agra(U.P.), the Carewell Hospital is run by Dr. Dharmendra Sharma and Dr. Rinju Sharma. Special attention has been given to the design and aesthetics of different categories of rooms for the patient.