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1.  15-Nov-2013 Free checkup      camp of diabetes at carewell.
2.  Hypertension Screening On      28-Nov-2013.
3.  Day Care Surgery Free camp      07-Dec-2013.
4.  Meeting of Trans Yamuna      Doctors Association Due On      14-Dec-2013.
5.  Infertility camp On 21-Dec-2013.
6.  Cosmetic Surgery Camp On 28-Dec-2013.
7.  Laparoscopic Hysterectomy      Camp On 4-Jan-2012.
8.  Thyroid Camp On 11-Jan-2012.



Doctor's  Panel

Dr. Dharmendra Sharma (M.D.)                                                             Dr. Rinju Sharma (M.S.)
Internal Medicine & Cardiology                                                               Gynae & Obstetrics
Dr. Vinay Agarwal (M.D., D.M.)                                                                                  Dr. Brijesh Sharma (M.S.)
Neurology                                                                                              Dr. Ajay Bansal (M.S.)
Dr. Alok Agarwal (M.S., M. Ch.)                                                Dr. Kishore Panjwani (M.S., M. Ch.)
Neuro surgery                                                                            Dr. Rajesh Gupta (M.S., M. Ch.)
                                                                                                               Paediatrics Surgeon
Dr. R.K. Gupta (M.S.)                                                                          Dr. Aditya Ray (M.S.,M. Ch.)
Dr. Manish Goyal (M.S.)                                                            Dr. Nepo Vidhyarthi (M.S., M. Ch.)
Dr. Subhash Soni (M.S.)                                                                       Burn & Plastic Surgery
General & Laproscopic Surgeon
Dr. Vijay Vohra (M.S. M. Ch.)                                                                Dr. Surendra Kumar (M.D.)
Urology                                                                                               Dr. Rakesh Tyagi (M.D.)
                                                                                                                                                 Intensive Critical care
Dr. Amit Saxena (M.D.)                                                                Dr. Sanjay Sharma (M.D., D.M.)
Paediatrics                                                                                                  Gastroenterology
Dr. Alok Mittal (M.B.B.S., D.L.O.)                                                          Dr. Yogesh Sharma (B.D.S.)
ENT                                                                                                                               Dental